‘Arteta’ reveals he stands firm and calls for transparent

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta says he will stand up to defend his beliefs in calls for transparent refereeing. After his outcry over criticism of the referee’s performance.

After the game against Newcastle, Arteta revealed the shamefulness of the referee’s decision to award Anthony Gordon’s goal. The FA has sent a letter to Arteta. And the club to inform them of their behavior following their comments on the referee’s performance. But no punishment has been issue.

To the Arsenal team manager on Friday, West Ham manager David Moyes gave his opinion on criticizing the referee’s work. He is reluctant to criticize the referee’s work. Because it could ultimately lead to him being punished, but Arteta has insisted he will continue to talk about the issue to keep the referee open and transparent.  ทางเข้า ufabet

“He is Scottish. I’m Basque. It’s definitely not my nature. But you can always learn,” Arteta revealed. “David is a smart and experienced manager. And if he does this There must be a reason for sure.” 

“However. I will remain firm on this matter. and try to achieve honesty and transparency I must express myself with honesty and protect my beliefs.” “I sincerely hope that I will not encounter any problems. This can be done creatively and we can develop it.”