What are the rules of tennis and how to play?

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Tennis is a sport that is very popular, not losing any other sports games such as football, golf, basketball. Because no matter what competition there will be an event every time. Whether it’s a big or small event. There are always tournaments with amateurs and pros who compete to collect points in each event in order to accumulate points for ranking the world’s top players in tennis. There are many types of competitions as follows. สมัคร UFABET

Types of tennis tournaments

1. Single male type
2. Men’s doubles team type
3. Single female type
4. Female doubles team type
5. Male and female mixed doubles

Counting the scores of tennis in each match

1. In each match, regardless of which side can score. Will start counting the scores of that side, call in the following order: 15 30 40 games is the score 1 2 3 4. That can be achieve in that order.
2. If both competitors score the same score or draw at 40-40. Both players must continue playing for 2 more points. it is called a deuce. If both sides score a tie at 6-6, match 7. Will be the last game of the set to be call a tie-break.

How to count tennis scores

1. 0 means that there is no score
2.15 means that there is a score in the first round
3.30 is that there is a score in the third round
4.40 that

If there is a contestant on which side has Game First is considered the instant winner of that game.

Price patterns of tennis betting

1. ML (Money Line) Money Line is The bet option to predict the winner of the match allows the player to choose who will be the winner. The bet is settle on only the winner of the round.
2.HDP (Handicap) Handicap is a bet with a bargain To win this walk The selected competitor must win at the specified price only.
3.OU (Over/Under) Over/Under is to predict the total score, amount, over or under selection. The result must be more or less than the agree price.
4.OE (Odd/Even) Even-odd is another. Option to predict the total score. But it come in an even or odd number instead.

And it comes in the rules of online tennis betting.

Rules for betting on tennis online

1. If the bet is placed and the player is unable to play or waives the right, it will be considered void immediately.
2. Bets on tennis in the first set start and end of the match. The result of the decision will be counted according to the bill placed on the stake.
3. If a match is postponed or canceled in the middle of a match, bets will be considered void.
4.When as see as a match is stop. Before a win or loss is known. If a player do not return to the match within 12 hours, bets will be canceled immediately.