Man Utd confirmed to sign free ‘Eriksen’ 3 year contract

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Manchester United have confirmed the signing of Christian Eriksen as their second new player for the summer. With a three -year contract.

The 30-year-old kicker’s contract with Brentford expires. At the end of last month and the “destroyer bees” want to keep him. But the players choose to leave the club.

Several teams have been linked with Eriksen, including his former club Tottenham Hotspur. But eventually he agreed to move to Manchester United on a three-year contract.

“Manchester United is a special club and I can’t wait to get started. It’s an honor for me to play at Old Trafford so many times. But playing in a United shirt has been an amazing feeling.” Eriksen said. UFABET club website

“I saw Eric’s work at Ajax and knew the attention to detail and preparation he and his staff made every day. He is clearly a wonderful coach.”

“By talking to him, learning more about his vision and the way he wants the team to play, I’m even more excited about the future. I am still very ambitious, there is still a lot I know I can reach and this will be the perfect team to continue my path.”

Last year, Eriksen had a heart attack. Stop dancing during the Euros Made him miss the field for several months to recover and was released from Inter Milan

The team finished the season impressively by playing 11 games and scoring one goal.

Eriksen has seven years of experience in the Premier League with Spurs, making him available. 237 top-flight games in the top flight and scored 52 goals and 71 assists.