fish shooting games get real money?

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4 things you should know about playing fish shooting games

          Advantages of fish shooting games that you should know. Before playing fish shooting games for real money

1. Start by chasing and shooting small fish.

          Start by chasing the small fish first. If you have low capital You have money to change the type of gun. to collect rewards first You can do this in some games and you can increase the probability of bullets. to increase the reward don’t shoot big fish or the first owner of a fish shooting game

2. Wait for the fish season

          Wait for the fish season, there are four scenes for you to choose from. a lot of fish and take pictures together to change the scene and there will be a game leader is that the prize money will be the most of the game as well and make it as easy to shoot as possible Do not shoot fish that are close to coming off the screen. Because it will cause us to miss the opportunity to receive prizes. And it’s a waste of ammunition or stakes.

3. Automatic pressing

          Long press game or auto press If the fish does not die for a long time due to wastage of ammunition The system may crash and you may not receive rewards. due to inaccurate shooting accuracy Auto fire therefore requires a certain time when using it.

4. Shoot fish after others

          Fish after others or fire after someone with high ammunition odds. The chance that the fish will die while we shoot are greater than that of the initiator. And focus on shooting empty fish only in the direction they come towards us, which is a waste of ammunition and stakes and should not be shot randomly.