Is it true or not? More moles, higher risk of skin cancer

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Is it true or not? More moles, higher risk of skin cancer

Although he was relieved in part that The number of skin cancer patients in Thailand is still low. But it’s not that there isn’t. or no chance at all. Because recently someone close to us has just been treated for skin cancer But is it true? With the idea that having more moles means that you are more at risk of skin cancer than others, UFABET has found the answer.

causes of skin cancer

Skin cancer is caused by abnormal growth of skin cells. The reason for the abnormal growth of skin cells is still unclear.

Symptoms of melanoma

Skin abnormalities such as

– The skin has dark spots like moles.

– The mole changes its shape, changes its color, is uneven, or the size of the mole becomes larger.

– See a rash or change in skin condition Then the ancestor did not recover.

– Family history of skin cancer

people with many moles More at risk of skin cancer than others?

people with many moles or have large moles than normal people More at risk of melanoma than other people with few or no moles.

Possible risk factors for skin cancer

1. The skin receives UVA, UVB, ultra-violet rays from too much sunlight, such as those who play outdoor sports. work outdoors regularly, etc.

2. White people have less pigment on their skin. The skin is therefore less protective from the sun than people with dark skin or dark skin.

3. Continued exposure to carcinogenic substances such as arsenic, some pot drugs

4. Get some types of viruses that cause skin disorders.

5. Used to irradiate the skin often

6. Immune deficiency due to side effects of taking other medicines

Skin cancer is no longer a distant matter. Because anyone can have it if they have the risk factors mentioned above. Therefore, if abnormalities of the skin are found or any part of the body when See a doctor for early treatment. will be the best