“Diarrhea” should-shouldn’t eat any food?

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Diarrhea” should-shouldn’t eat any food?

The hot and humid climate of our country. This is a good temperature for the bacteria in the food to thrive. Therefore, in addition to having to maintain the cleanliness of the food we eat well. You have to be careful with the food in various restaurants as well. Choose a quality restaurant and observe the shape, taste and smell of the food you eat every time. But if anyone is unlucky to have diarrhea, it’s okay, but after diarrhea. Must especially careful with the food that you eat. In order not to cause continuous diarrhea. That may cause more severe symptoms to the point. That you have to bedridden in the hospital

Food for people with diarrhea

First of all, you need to replace the amount of water lost with mineral water. (Which is different from the mineral water for athletes) Choose to drink water (boiled) mixed with powdered sugar ORS (ORS) can be purchased at pharmacies, grocery stores or general convenience stores. Drink ½- 1 glass by slowly sipping little by little, sipping often, but if unable to buy powdered sugar, minerals To mix 1 teaspoon of salt with 2 tablespoons of sugar mixed in 1 bottle of boiled water or about 750 cc.

In addition to the ORS electrolyte solution, you should eat these foods.

  • Foods with bland, bland tastes that are easy to digest, such as porridge, boiled rice, and soup.
  • low-fat foods such as skinless chicken, fish, boiled minced shrimp

When diarrhea begins to improve therefore began to eat foods. That contain dietary fiber such as vegetables and fruits (avoid citrus fruits To avoid food for the stomach), brown rice, various grains, but still abstain from eating spicy food for at least 1 week.

food to avoid when having diarrhea

  • All dairy foods, fresh milk, cow’s milk, yoghurt, yoghurt
  • Vegetables, fruits and juices
  • Spicy foods such as Papaya Salad, Tom Yum, etc.
  • Foods that are difficult to digest, such as fatty meats Flour containing butter Seafood such as shellfish, squid, etc.

However, if you are a person. Who has frequent diarrhea. May soft element Eating foods that are high in fiber such as brown rice and various grains. including fruits and vegetables (Not sour taste) can make excretion return to normal. And for anyone. Who has diarrhea from taking too many antibiotics. That means those drugs may kill all the good bacteria in the intestines, so good bacteria for the intestines must add like drinking sour milk. or eating yogurt with live microorganisms. Should observe the side of the product carefully whether there are live microorganisms or not by UFABET.

How to avoid diarrhea

  1. Reduce eating spicy foods such as salty, sour, and sour to reduce stomach bloating.
  2. Reduce eating fermented food. Because there is a risk of bacteria from the inefficient fermentation process.
  3. choose to eat from a restaurant or choose raw materials for eating that are clean, reliable, cleaned and cooked 100% before eating every time
  4. Do not eat food that has been cooked over the course of the day. and stored in a temperature that is not cold enough because it may cause mold or bacteria that can cause diarrhea
  5. Do not eat too much, such as eating at a buffet or fasting for one meal Then come and eat another meal. Because eating a single meal in large quantities will make the abdominal wall expand even more and affect the gastrointestinal system Should change to eat a little at a time But more often is better. And should chew food thoroughly every time before swallowing, do not rush to eat, swallow too quickly because it can make it difficult for the stomach to digest food Stomach gas causing flatulence indigestible food