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GJ warns ‘Singha’ not to try to get Sancho.

Glenn Johnson, former Chelsea defender Warned the club not to think about acquiring Jadon Sancho from Manchester United. The attacker, priced at 73 million pounds. Was completely removed from the “Red Devils” team. After having a quarrel with the team’s manager, Eric ten Hag. From who

‘Evans’ firm, rested for 2-3 weeks

Manchester United confirm veteran defender Jonny Evans There is an injury and will have to rest for about 2-3 weeks. The 35-year-old center had a sore thigh muscle during a 4-3 loss to FC Copenhagen in the Champions League group stage on Wednesday. A statement said

Chelsea, Premier League game, real players

Chelsea, Premier League game, real players Chelsea At present, the Blue Lion Six players are report to have injured. Including third-choice goalkeeper Marcus Bettinelli and new signing Christophe Nkunku, Who suffered a knee injury in pre-season that required surgery. Long break until the end of the

“Diarrhea” should-shouldn’t eat any food?

“Diarrhea” should-shouldn’t eat any food? The hot and humid climate of our country. This is a good temperature for the bacteria in the food to thrive. Therefore, in addition to having to maintain the cleanliness of the food we eat well. You have to be careful with the

Is it true or not? More moles, higher risk of skin cancer

Is it true or not? More moles, higher risk of skin cancer Although he was relieved in part that The number of skin cancer patients in Thailand is still low. But it’s not that there isn’t. or no chance at all. Because recently someone close to us has just been

7 ways suppress “hunger” really work

7 ways to suppress “hunger” that really work and are good for health. We believe that many people will have a problem with eating non-stop. hungry all day I want to eat here and there all the time. The hunger or appetite that occurs. In addition to adversely affecting health ,